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What is it that makes upland bird hunting so special to those of us that participate? Is it walking the fields on a cool morning, smelling the wet grass, and being submersed in the calming presence of nature? How about watching finely trained dogs sniffing the wind, pointing up quail, or retrieving a downed pheasant? Maybe it is the anticipation of wondering when and how the covey will break, and even though you know it's coming, the shock of excitement that hits your system every time a bird flushes.

Quail hunting provides us with all of the above, but I would like to believe, it is the added benefit of being a social experience that truly makes it so unique. Sure you can come and hunt the fields alone and have good trip, but so much better are the memories of being in the field with friends and loved ones. Taking the time to see the excitement and enjoyment experienced by your kids as they learn to understand and love doing something special to you. Shouting out congratulations for a great shot made by a friend, or listening to the good natured ribbing of the same friend when he sees you miss an easy floater. These are the snippets of time we at Bethel Ranch want to help you enjoy and recall with fondness.

Who will you share these memories with? Will it be your parents or kids, the guys from your deer camp, the girls group wanting to try something new, or the team from the office? We invite you all to come and share with us what makes quail hunting so spectacular.

Bethel Ranch offers a variety of upland bird hunting opportunities. Come and stay the night and experience an evening and morning hunt with all meals included. If you can only make it for the day, hunts are available for the morning or afternoon periods with lunch provided.

Our primary hunting at Bethel Ranch is for quail, which will be done by actually walking the fields behind dogs. If extra service is needed by hunters with disabilities or special needs, arrangements can be made to accommodate them. Pheasants may also be included in any hunting package.

All bird hunting packages include guides and trained dogs to accompany you in the field. Bethel Ranch also has an open bag limit policy, meaning there will never be an upcharge for the number of birds you bring in. The birds are out there, and if you can hit them, then good for you. All hunting packages are available from October through March depending on space available.